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About BMR

As a little girl, Bari Sodikoff LOVED jewelry. At the age of 10, she started making string and beaded bracelets. As her passion continued, Bari pursued, studied and received her BFA in Metal Smithing at the University of Kansas. With 30 years of experience and after having 3 kids,  Billy, Miles and Rosie, BMR Jewelry was born. With her love for designing and making jewelry, Bari continues to always be on-trend. She handcrafts all of her jewelry with an incredible eye for detail and innovation. She particularly has carved out a brand of dainty and symmetrical styles that suit all types of jewelry wearers.  With Bari’s ever-growing following and finger on the pulse of the fashion industry, she has made a name brand that is an absolute fashion must-have.

Bari knows you will enjoy wearing her pieces as much as she does designing them for you!